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When it comes to making video calls for business purposes, one of your main requirements is to have a stable Internet connection that doesn't give you any trouble. This is where EZTalk comes in, as an application that lets you call any of your contacts and hold a stable, high-quality conversation.

This makes communication between friends, clients, partners, or suppliers significantly easier, as it provides not just a stable connection, but a set of other useful features as well, such as options to use multiple cameras, invite up to 15 other users, and send text and emoticons as you talk.

Once you're inside a call you can also share your screen with the everyone else, letting you send information you couldn't otherwise and thus making exchanging information much easier. Another benefit in EZTalks is that a company can create its own video conferencing network, managing permissions for every user to ensure secure conference calls.

EZTalks is, in short, an good option to take into account for companies and workers who need to communicate with their contacts in an efficient and secure way.
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